The Senate is prepared to move forward with the border security amendment To a comprehensive immigration reform bill, This will dramatically Increase spending and resources at the nations southern border. The Corker-Hoeven measure has won a substantial number of Republicans, this would Double the numbers of agents on the Mexican border and require Implementation of a tough new border Security plan along the nearly 2000 miles southern border Before unlawful immigrants already in the country could be eligible for lawful permanent residency (LPR) Or green card status 10 years after enactment.

When senators get the bill done, after their July 4 week long break they will have to wait for colleagues on the other side of the capitol who will have four weeks To deliberate before Congress takes off for an even longer recess in August, because of the reemergence of fiscal crisis in Autumn, immigration falls off the priority track .

The most difficult issue on immigration, is what to do with the current undocumented population And how to handle the future flow of low skilled immigrants, The house judiciary committee as yet to confront This important matter, there is no sign that they are working on any such bill.

“Immigration week” Is the best hope for the immigration legislation to continue moving forward, the House would vote on a severe enforcement measure to give local police the authority to apprehend, investigate and detain people suspected of residing in the country illegally. They would also vote on an anti-union agricultural bill to give temporary work visas to undocumented farm workers but not a path to citizenship.

Once August comes legislation dies. When they finally return to the Capital Hill In September they will have to face another financial crisis on the countries debt, There will be a four to six weeks Period towards extreme limitation on government payments to social security or military operations this will do two things; it will terminate any deliberative legislative effort, immigration included and it will separate the political parties.

Advocates of the Senators for immigration are hoping that a strong vote among Senators will push the more reluctant House Republicans to ac. The bill will die if the House Republicans keep deliberating at their current pace.