Starting January 2, 2014 Nevada residents who cannot meet the proof of identity requirements for a standard driver’s license or ID card may be able to obtain a Driver Authorization Card (DAC).

These cards authorize the holder to drive a motor vehicle on Nevada public streets and highways. A DAC is not valid as identification to obtain any state benefits, licenses or services or for federal purposes such as boarding aircraft or entering facilities where ID is required.

Driver Authorization Cards are valid for one year from the date of issuance. All renewals and address changes must be completed in person. You must also apply for a duplicate DAC in person at the DMV.

There are only two differences between a DAC and a standard Nevada license. A DAC will state “Not Valid for Identification” in the top portion. The blue banner will state “Driver Authorization Card” rather than “Driver License.” The appearance is otherwise identical.

To apply for a Driver Authorization Card the following documents are required:

Proof of Identity

Translations of any documents not in English

Proof of Residency Status

All the documents that are required must be originals. DMV will not accept photocopies and documents with an expiration date must be valid and unexpired. Any document not written in English must be translated prior to submitting it toDMV.

All applicants are required to take a vision test, a written and drive test. Written tests are offered in both English and Spanish, also need to pass the Department of Motor Vehicles’ driving test, but there is no guarantee for the applicants the driving test instructor will speak Spanish they must also pay an annual fee and acquire liability insurance on their vehicles. The driving test costs $25

For illegal immigrants The law (Senate Bill 303) specifically prohibits your information to be turned over to federal immigration authorities.

For more information applicants need to know about driving in Nevada and what to bring to a DMV office when they go in for a driver authorization card visit the DMV website, an application form can also be found on the website to fill out and bring to the DMV office. Most of the information is in both English and Spanish.

For further information regarding the Drivers Authorization Card or any other immigration related matter, please contact Tory D Allen at or at (775) 842-1212.